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Outstanding Auto Collision Repair Work

Turn to V -n- J Collision Inc for your auto collision repair needs. We offer outstanding collision repair services at affordable prices. You’ll love our great customer service too! Visit us at 229 West Lancaster Ave.
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Here’s What Our Past Customers Have Said About Us

“It has taken me a few weeks to write this review. I want to make sure I didn't for get anything. I recently side swiped my suv in my parking structure. I went to a couple different places in the area before I landed on V-n-J. As soon as I walked in Brad greeted me and was extremely friendly. We spoke for a min about my vehicles condition and my insurance information. V-n-J isn't in the preferred network for my insurance company so I had to call them first. I explained to Brad that I had other cosmetic things I wanted done as well since I had it in the shop I might as well get it done. His quote was very low. I was shocked I was sure I was going to spend a ton. I called the insurance company and they insisted I go with a preferred provider. I felt very comfortable with what Brad had told me and the additional work I wanted done that it didn't matter to me what they said. I called Brad and he told me what to tell the insurance company so they wouldn't pressure me to use their provider and I could use who I please. He was right. I called the insurance company and they agreed and I dropped the vehicle off. When the rental car company came to pick me up they were extremely late and it was getting really dark. Brad waited with me for a while and kept checking on me until they finally arrived. It was a few days before the big snow storm here so I didn't expect to have my vehicle any time soon. I ended up having to get a rental for two weeks due to the storm conditions. Every time I called Brad to get a status he was always very friendly never rushed me and always answered all of my questions. When the day finally came to pick up my car it was better than imagine. All the work was done including the extra work I wanted for less than he originally quoted me! I was shocked! He even fixed a switch in my door that had been acting up included in the price. I am very very satisfied with the service and work done by V-n-J. Every time I have a chance to tell someone I do! My car looks better than it did prior to my accident! I would recommend them over and over!"

- Lupe H.  

“I have been taking my cars to V-n-J for over a decade for their superior customer service and excellent craftsmanship so I was a little hesitant with the shop being under new ownership, but I could not have been more wrong! Brad gave me a quick quote at a reasonable price,
was flexible with my schedule, and was friendly to boot! It's nice not to feel intimidated in a body shop! After three days at V-n-J my Volkswagen looks better than the day it rolled off the assembly line! They did an excellent repair on some rust damage and a completely seamless paint job! The car came back beautifully clean! Don't let another shop swindle you or an insurance company pressure you into going elsewhere! V-n-J always has been, and clearly always will be the best of The Main Line!"

- Susan M.    

“Brad took great care of my vehicle and the color match is virtually perfect given that I had a pearl color. I had very large door dent which was warped and needed a new door shell. I inquired with about 5 places before deciding Brad was the guy since he gave me a nice tour of his shop and equipment.
He also installed some dynamat for me on my doors and overall I am very pleased with the work. I would definitely recommend his shop and if I need any future work, I will go back to his shop.
Also check out the dynamat , and ask him to install it on your vehicle too. Road noise is dramatically reduce."

- Durs D. 

“I have a brand new white pearl (3 stage paint) mitsubishi lancer that had a quarter size dent and chipped paint in my left quarter panel coming from Cherry Hill Mitsubishi. Cherry Hill fixed it rather hastily and unprofessionally. It's like some guy just put putty and spray painted damaged area. So I brought the car to Jeff D Ambrosio body shop (since they own the Mitsubishi dealership in Downingtown) and had it "professionally" repaired. They did do a better job (better than a kid I suppose) but the paint did not match and there were imperfections! I complained about it but all they could tell me is that that they told me before that it wouldn't match (I didn't remember them telling me that) ! They sanded down the dust nib except the one near the door handle and the one deep in the paint. Anyways, I was already very frustrated at that point and was thinking, maybe white pearl/diamond white is really IMPOSSIBLE to fix and match! Then my wife told me that she did some research and there's this body shop in Paoli that has very good reviews. And there was even a review of one customer saying that they were really able to match his white pearl paint. So after thinking about it for a day or 2, I decided to bring the car to them. I called them and I was able to talk to Brad and right away I felt welcomed. I met Brad and he was very friendly and accommodating. I showed him the car and he was able to explain to me very well what went wrong and how it should have been done and how he'll be able to fix it. He showed me around the shop and we even selected the paint in one of the machines he had. I was convinced then that he can do the job and I was right!!! I didn't have to wait long (like in jeff d ambrosio), he got me in then on a Monday and I picked the car on a Wednesday and I was surprised on how well the paint matched!!! I examined it very closely and I didn't even see a dust nib! Brad told me that whatever problem I have with the paint afterwards I can just go back and he'll take care of it. I can't be more happier!

So the lesson for me here is that dealer body shops aren't always the place to bring your car and that 3 stage paint is not IMPOSSIBLE to match because V-n-J can do it!!!"

- J K. 

“My husband I recently had our car vandalized so we took it to V -n- J. The staff there was super professional, supportive, and responsive - they even helped us deal with our insurance company. Our car was ready ahead of schedule. 

The work they did to repair the car was second to none. When we arrived to pick up the car, it was shining and looked brand new - inside and out. It is clear that the folks at V & J are perfectionists because they didn't miss a detail in repairing the car. They turned an unfortunate event into a non-event. 

Unfortunately, we have experience needing our cars repaired. After this experience, we would never go anywhere else. V -n- J are the consummate professionals and perfectionists.”

- Nicole P. 

“I have a 2002 Jaguar XJ8 Sport with 100,000 miles and it had a lot of body dents, scratches and even a dent in the middle of the trunk but it was still a looker. 

I went to V -n- J and Brad, the owner, is so passionate about his shop and his customer being educated on the process that he walked me through his state-of-the-art shop, explained each process and then told me exactly what he intended to do. 

While my car was being brought back to factory condition, Brad sent me photos of the work being done. When I eventually picked up my car it was awesome; people haven't stopped complimenting me on it and having driven for over 40 years, this was the classiest and most professional body workshop experience I've ever had. 

Brad has a larger-than-life personality so be prepared to spend some fun time with him and to come away with an education on getting the most out of body shops and from your car insurance company if you're going with an accident claim.”

- Phill S.

“I was recently involved in an accident and, instead of using the grind shop recommended by the offending party's insurer, I took my vehicle to V -n- J. I am so glad I did. The craftsmanship from V -n- J was top-of-the-line and light years better than what I received from the insurer's shop on a past collision. 

Further, V -n- J was a pleasure to deal with. From here on out, I won't trust anyone else with the body work on my cars. Trust me, this company is the best on the Main Line.”

- Joshua M.

“Just got the car back and she looks beautiful! Thanks so much for getting everything handled and detailed! I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! The pics are great of the house. I'm sure we will meet and talk soon.”

- Lauren E.

“These guys did one heck of a job with my bumper cover. It started with a free estimate and they worked with my insurance company for me. My car was in and out in one week. It looks awesome! I'm telling friends to tell friends!”

- John Rogers
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